Robert Sakrowski


Robert Sakrowski (1966, East Berlin) is an art historian and curator. Since 1986 he works in various constel­la­tions in the field of music and new media art. He studied art history at the TU-Berlin. From 1999-2003 he headed the project at TU Berlin and curated several exhibitions in the field of net-based art. From 2003 to 2006 he lead as chairman of the web.​museum e.V. In the 2007–2009 period he worked at the Ludwig Boltz­mann Insti­tute Media.​Art.​Research in Linz at the „netpi­oneers 1.0“ research project. Since 2007 he has created various exhi­bi­tions dealing with ques­tions circling art and art prac­tices related to the web 2.0; these themes are also the main focus of his current project In 2014/15 he worked as a curator for the transmediale festival 2015 "capture all". In 2016 he initiated the digital offline art space Since January 2017, he has directed and curated the in Berlin-Wedding. He lives in Berlin.