Curating on the Web — 2-day webinar + workshop


Vivek Chockalingam, Vydia Shivadas, Padmini Ray Murray, Gaia Tedone 

Start Date

End Date

29/04/2021 01/05/2021


Online with Walkin Studios (Bangalore, India)


The 2-day webinar “Curating on the Web” (29-30 April + workshop 1 May 2021) aims to stimulate and expand critical and practical thinking about curatorial work on the web. The webinar will focus on curatorial interventions online that challenge the mechanisms and traditional models of producing and displaying contemporary art; offering a historical overview and new perspectives and ways of imagining the system of contemporary art and ‘being online’. With the intent to nurture cross-cultural exchanges and discourses in the field of digital curation, the webinar will also examine the role of curating on the web in confronting structural transformations and moments of systemic crisis. ⚈ Hosted by Walkin Studios and curating online, this event is the result of a research collaboration with curator Vidya Shivadas (New Delhi, India), researcher Padmini Ray Murray (Bangalore, India) and curator Gaia Tedone (Milan, Italy) that is supported by Mobility First! – ASEF Cultural Mobility.