Valentina Tanni 

Project Title

Art Layers




Instagram filters, which allow you to play with the potential of augmented reality involving a wide audience, have already been a fertile ground for experimentation also for artists for some years. Intrigued by this world, the editorial staff of Artribune, which this year celebrates ten years of honoured service, decided to create an online exhibition involving ten Italian artists, selected for the occasion by Valentina Tanni. We asked them to create a new Instagram filter, without restrictions of theme or style, following their own creative direction with the highest freedom. The result is an extraordinary gallery of digital art projects accessible to all and ” customisable” through direct interaction.

The Art Layers project, which kicks off on June 11, 2021, will release a filter every two weeks, concluding in October with the full selection. Each of the works will be accompanied by an interview with the artist on the pages of and a series of posts on social media channels.

In order of appearance, the artists are: Mara Oscar Cassiani, Giulio Alvigini, Valerio Veneruso, Sofia Braga, Giovanni Fredi, Federica Di Pietrantonio, Chiara Passa, Kamilia Kard, Martina Menegon and Clusterduck.


Type of Intervention

Technological Infrastructure



Appropriation, Behaviour,