Miyö Van Stenis 

Project Title

Beautiful Interfaces: The Deep in the Void




Internet is a place where the Plato’s World of Ideas is fully represented; there is all valid and real turning this virtual product in to a parallel world. We live in this space partially ignoring the “others”, mediated by interfaces and intuitive actions, passing between Backdoors or Zero-day attacks like we are unable to recognise the complex dynamic of the entire Internet thanks to our “friendly” vision of the surface network.

As a curator, I take the risk of bringing to the dark side of Internet – the Tor Network, a collection that exemplifies the influence and sensitivity of 16 artists around the interface’s concept into a place where the design of a enjoyable website is not the main thing, is all about information, data and how you can protected. From the inspiring and famous social network’s interfaces to mobile devices the artists shows us what they see as Beautiful Interfaces while the art makes its way to the deep.


Type of Intervention

Technological Infrastructure



Interface, Behaviour, Privacy, URL,