Experiments in (Social) Software Curating: Reprogramming Curatorial Practice for Network


Joasia Krysa




Vague Terrain


The paper addresses the issue of new developments in the field of curating in the context of information technologies. It explores the emergence of an interdisciplinary approach that directly links the field of curating with computer programming and a relatively recent interest in software art. Although there is much contemporary critical work and practice that is described as art-oriented programming or software art, the paper responds to a perceived gap in discussions about software curating. It is important to emphasise that in this context software curating is not to be understood as the activity of curating software art works (in other words the activity of bringing software artworks into public domain) but as integrating software and programming in the curatorial process per se. Furthermore, the paper reflects upon the recent rise of popularity of social technologies and their relevance for curating. The underlying suggestion is that curating responds to this by developing new forms that increasingly involving socio-technological networks and that can be characterised as socially driven and distributed over networks.