Net Art 1994-1998. The Story of Äda’web


Domenico Quaranta




Vita e Pensiero


The story of Äda'web covers a fundamental chronological period, from the birth of net art to its institutional recognition. The foundry also plays a leading role in both events, opening its doors when the possibility of an artistic operation on the web is anything but taken for granted and entering for the first time in the collection of a museum. Thus Äda'web raises the problematic issue of the relationship between net art and institutions, and the burning issue of the preservation of net art and all ephemeral art. The history of video art teaches us that a new means of expression is first probed in its specific technology, then welcomed "simply as another medium". Äda'web immediately tries to mediate between the art world and the world of net art, between those who experiment on the medium, playing with its possibilities and its limits, and those who simply adopt it (with technical assistance) as another tool of their operation, opening a perspective that in recent times is coming to maturity.