Gaia Tedone 

Project Title

Curatorial Consultancy with Cassini on #exstrange




Curatorial Consulting with Cassini on #exstrange is an auction of a curatorial consulting service that Gaia Tedone developed from her previous intervention in the #exstrange project entitled #veryhardtofind. On that occasion, the curator explored the different meanings of the terms “curating” and “curation” on the eBay platform and became passionate about its search algorithm, named after the 17th century Italian astronomer, mathematician and engineer Giovanni Domenico Cassini. With this service, Tedone presented a model of consulting as a collaboration between a human and an algorithm (herself and Cassini), with the goal of further exploring the curatorial possibilities inherent in eBay’s technological infrastructure. Tedone auctioned off her curatorial consultancy in the “Specialty Services > eBay Auction Services > Appraisal & Authentication” category for $15. The auction offered an online report, co-creation with Cassini of an eBay collection tailored to the buyer’s listings and tastes, and a special mention during a public event titled Posthuman curating: curating authenticity or the question of content online held at The Photographers’ Gallery in London, UK.


Type of Intervention

Technological Infrastructure



Appropriation, Algorithm, Assemblage, E-commerce,