Suvani Suri  Sonam Chaturvedi 

Project Title





–Out-of-Line– is a virtual exhibition space that is built over cellphone networks and uses the site of ‘the call’ to showcase sound and text-based works. The act of featuring ‘sound works on a cellphone line’ is suggestive of a new site/ space/ environment/ mode of ‘listening’ bound to the contemporary techno-culture that thrives on the economy of attention and time. The project addresses a larger curatorial question of the ‘display’ of works of sound, in context to the complex relationship between listening and contemporary communication technologies. The sensorium of the ubiquitous mobile device not only amplifies and extends ourselves but also privatizes auditory space, producing a sonic intimacy that trespasses time and geographical distances. The project seeks to critically engage with the space of mobile telecommunications network(s), producing ideas that lead up to an exhibition trespassing geographical boundaries — a temporary and liminal space that emerges and dissolves as the sound and text-based works are transmitted over the phone line.


Type of Intervention

Technological Infrastructure



Relations, Behaviour, Interface, Offline,