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Not connected to or served by a system and especially a computer or telecommunication system — Merriam-Webster Dictionary


#1: Online and offline are distinct yet connected entities: they are distinct because they have different characteristics and thus they require different artistic and curatorial approaches; they are connected not only because of how web technology is increasingly embedded in the everyday , but also because curators have started to bridge the two in their exhibition projects. This bridging, which depends on the type of curatorial mediation, might entail to work with: “the disconnect between online space and gallery space” (Paul Flannery); “the transitioning of practices” (Rebekah Mondrak) or the “conversation between digital and physical” (Nichole Kelani); different“ sensorial experiences” for engaging with an artwork (Candice Jacobs) or “embodiments of art” (Reinhard Storz). — Marialaura Ghidini, Curating web-based art exhibitions (2015)


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