Marco De Mutiis  Jon Uriarte 

Project Title

Screen Walks




A series of online streams with artists and researchers using the screen as their medium.

Screen Walks is a collaborative programme initiated by The Photographer’s Gallery and Fotomuseum Winterthur with the support of ProHelvetia. This series of fortnightly events was created as a joint effort by both institutions to continue the investigation on the changing role of photography in its digital and networked forms. Every Screen Walk is led by one artist or more, curators, or researchers performing guided explorations of the spaces where they core practice takes place. Every event has a different format and a different pace, and every participants is invited to play with the possibilities of these live streams, as well as the chance to discover new, current and forgotten digital spaces.

As much as the covid19 pandemic has to some extent paralysed the artworld and put most cultural institutions on hold, it is at the same time an opportunity. It not only offers the possibility to explore means of connecting with a networked, global audience, but also artistic strategies taking place online and addressing the shift towards a cultural scene that has been increasingly thriving on the internet. Most importantly, it is also – now more than ever – a necessity to create collaborative projects that foster and support artists and researchers and their ongoing experimentation and practices in networked culture.


Type of Intervention

Technological Infrastructure



Desktop, Interface, Broadcast, Pandemic, Photography,