Barbora Trnková  Marie Meixnerová  Tomáš Javůrek 

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ScreenSaverGallery is not TV!

Across an artistic practice we can meet art pieces that somehow act or remind (visually or conceptually) screen savers. At the same time we have such art, which is not thought to be showed at the common galleries, it has to be modified into some type of references or records. And of course, there is the apparently dead medium or rather empty space that remained after screensavers, function of which ceased to be performed years ago. The aim of participation from the side of both curators and artists is on one hand to choose pieces that will get a new message by adding the context of the screensaver. On the other hand they shall work directly with the options and specificities of “ScreenSaverGallery” or with artworks generally thematize virtual space and its usage, networking and so on.

“ScreenSaverGallery” should not be perceived just as platform for presentation of contemporary art, but it should also become an experimental environment for its development. Experiments with the situations in which the screensaver appears, with technical possibilities of the “ScreenSaverGallery” as well as with the visual contexts should be constantly made by every user (i.e. YOU), who is also encouraged to challenge the original concept.


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