Enar de Dios Rodrí­guez 

Project Title

Unsolicited Exhibition




Unsolicited exhibition was an exhibition through e-mail that showcased advertisement messages from artists’ businesses to recipients that had not granted verifiable permission for this to occur. All artworks/businesses displayed at Unsolicited exhibition explicitly labeled their audiences as potential consumers, used corporate culture mechanisms and were involved in the provision of goods and services. From conventional restaurants to speculative companies, from traditional yard sales to futuristic enterprises, all the projects appeared in the inbox of more than 1000 unaware visitors.

Overall, the profit obtained by Unsolicited exhibition’s spam practice was the flooding of visitors’ daily life with a selection of artists’ businesses that made apparent the absurdity of the corporative world and/or that propose a reinvention of it on behalf the commons. Once per week (each Sunday at 9 AM PST, from July 16 – October 29, 2017) the visitor, the potential consumer, received the proof of a world were sealed shops, snowball’s commerce or second-hand souls, among many others, confirmed the potential of the imaginary and thus the possibility of a different reality.


Type of Intervention

Technological Infrastructure



E-commerce, Disruption,