Curating Data: care, commons and networks


Annet Dekker, Asen Ivanov, Theresa Kneppers, Eva Krumm, Kelly Rappleye, Magda Tyzlik-Carver, Marina Valle Noronha Marialaura Ghidini  Gaia Tedone 




Digital Methods Initiative Wiki, University of Amsterdam


It is clear that digital networks for a long time have been much more than just communication channels and today they are the very heart of public life. In the context of climate change, world-wide pandemic, increasing commercialization of network infrastructures, and diminishing funding for art and cultural practices, there is a need to establish a framework for understanding current developments in the field of digital curation. In this project, we focused on digital curation, which we regarded not as an act in the silo of the art world and its institutions but as a networked practice performed daily by social media users, programmers, and algorithms. In this sense, the meaning of curating has expanded beyond the usual space of the gallery and art institutions and is part of scientific practices of data collection, storing, and presentation. It is a practice of curating content for commerce and function in search optimization algorithms. Rather than lamenting over the fact that today ‘everyone is a curator’ or that we are in the midst of ‘curationism’, which supposedly diminishes the value of the practice, we made an in-depth analysis of digital curation to re-address the necessity for care and collaboration in these practices.