Marialaura Ghidini


Marialaura is a curator whose work explores the intersections between art, technology and society, particularly the way in which technology morphs behaviours, relationships between people and with the environment. Since her AHRC-funded PhD with CRUMB (University of Sunderland, 2015), she has researched the field of curating on the web, contributing her research to edited books, magazines and journals, such as the Arts Journal (2019) and the Journal of Curatorial Studies (2017). Interested in working with various exhibition formats, she founded the curatorial platform (2009-2015) and has curated projects such as ‘#exstrange’ (2017) on eBay; ‘Silicon Plateau’ (2015-) in print; ‘The C(h)roma Show’ (2014) in an electronics shop in Bangalore, IN; ‘128kbps objects’ on (2013) and ‘Search Engine’ (2012) across public spaces in Birmingham, UK.