Thomas Cheneseau  Ronen Shai 

Project Title

Gallery Online




Gallery Online is located on Facebook and is utilizing it as a self-contained virtual-reality environment. Gallery Online is dedicated solely to digital art. Artists who are invited to have a show at the Gallery receive a limited time period in which they can display works and organize the gallery space as they wish. This platform allows, if desired, the possibility for a show as a live performance with a stream of items posted in realtime. As in performance, Gallery Online also allows interaction with the audience as part of the show. The number of visitors is constantly growing, Thousands of people are exposed to Gallery Online’s activity. Artists had concepts for their shows directly related to Facebook and to the online persons they created. Other shows were centered around Computer generated art techniques in relation to color patterns disfiguration of images and glitch


Type of Intervention

Technological Infrastructure



Interface, Disruption, Performance,